Housing Diversity and Desirable Neighbourhoods Study

Do you value the local housing and character in your area? Does the existing housing in Prospect meet your current and future needs? Do you want to remain in Prospect but with a different type of house? Now is the time to let us know your views.

The scope of this project is multi-faceted and comprehensively brings together the different stakeholders and forces at play and the high expectations of the community with regard to housing within Prospect, and includes:

  • Strategic and emerging population and demographic analysis,
  • Development Plan review,
  • Streetscape Assessment of Residential Character,
  • Modelling, testing and visual presentation of desired housing initiatives,
  • Stakeholder and community feedback,
  • Endorsement from Council of our preferred position to be put to State Government,
  • Reporting back to the community.

Council wishes to engage with the community on this issue of local importance and to achieve this we will undertake various approaches to get involvement and feedback.

  • Workshops will be held with key stakeholders to garner views and expectations.
  • A series of community forums will be held in the local area to gather ideas and expectations in round one and feedback on draft proposals in round two of the Study.
  • Street walking tours will involve on-site discussions of streetscape qualities and examples of housing that is valued and not valued within the local area.


Street Tours

As part of the Housing Study, we undertook street tours at selected sites within City of Prospect in May 2019. The first focussed on the southern/eastern area of the Council, and the second looked at the northern/western area. This provided an opportunity for members of the public to discuss real life examples and exchange ideas and opinions on streetscape character within our local streets.


Community Forums

As part of our information gathering process, we are conducting a series of forums to provide the community with an opportunity to outline your views and expectations on housing trends and issues in Prospect. These community forums will be facilitated by engagement specialists from Urban and Regional Planning Solutions (URPS).

The first two sessions were held in February and March 2019, and we're looking at holding 2 more in early June 2019 to further look at the draft proposals.


Providing Feedback

We're keen to hear your thoughts, even if you can't make it to one of the forums.

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How important is catering for emerging local trends (eg empty nesters, ageing in place, student accommodation, downsizing, group living)?*
What forms of housing might cater to emerging community trends and demands?*
How important is quality design to create desirable outcomes?*
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