Nature Strips

Your nature strip


Framing our streets and often brightening our community, nature strips within City of Prospect exist between the footpaths or front boundary lines of properties, and the road. Depending on their make-up, different forms and levels of maintenance are required for their up-keep.

Nature strips (or verges) are traditionally maintained by residents, and Council encourages our community to take ownership of these spaces. Many residents have chosen to take advantage of this opportunity and have designed, crafted, and now maintain nature strips that reflect their ‘personal style’. This in turn enhances the kerb appeal of their homes.

Council encourages residents to take ownership of their verge areas and boundary strips as we agree that this certainly enhances our streetscapes and the kerb appeal of residences throughout the city.

Council’s policy in terms of nature strip maintenance is that our maintenance services extend to routine weed spraying of those that are standard or undeveloped (generally backfilled with dolomite or loam).  Any other developed nature strips, which have been planted with either lawn or plants, are the resident’s or property owner’s responsibility to maintain

Well-maintained nature strips can improve the aesthetics of the city’s streetscapes and contribute to the individuality of each street.


Council is responsible for managing risk associated with any plantings or developments. Therefore it is necessary that we approve plant species, design specifications, and materials to be used to ensure they are appropriate and will not present a risk to the community.

It is also important for us to obtain agreement from residents to maintain these plantings appropriately to ensure they won’t interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Although we are pleased for residents to undertake plantings of this nature, we discourage the construction of retaining walls of any kind as we have found these can present as a trip hazard to pedestrians. 

If you would like to plant out your nature strip, download the application form below. 

City Works Guide and Application Form  

If you would like any more information on nature strips within City of Prospect, please contact us on (08) 8269 5355 or email