News and Media

Recycling with East Waste

15 April 2019
Recently there has been concerning media regarding the contents of the yellow recycling bin not being correctly recycled in parts of Australia.

City of Prospect in Top 21 most Intelligent Communities

15 January 2019
City of Prospect has been included in the Top 21 Intelligent Communities in the world by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF). This is the sixth time Prospect has been included in Top 21 Communities list in the past eight years.

Latest Exhibition: A Prospect of Prospects

8 June 2017
The experience of this exhibition will be one of discovery and delight. People will recognise things they see every day but tend not to notice.

Review of Development Planning in Prospect

30 May 2017
City of Prospect has prepared a Development Plan Amendment (DPA) to amend and strengthen design provisions for the Urban Corridor Zone (along Churchill Road, Prospect Road and Main North Road) in Council’s Development Plan.

Prospect Blues & Roots Music Festival

24 May 2017
Suffering from the winter blues? In the words of the immortal B B King ‘People all over the world have problems. And as long as people have problems, the blues can never die’.

Have your say on our local ‘grand designs’

9 May 2017
To celebrate superior design and development, the City of Prospect has established the inaugural Excellence in Urban Design Awards and is encouraging people to highlight projects they consider worthy of recognition.

2017 National Reconciliation Week Celebration

2 May 2017
Wonggayerlo - Footprints In The Sand - Where Culture Meets Science

Pom Poms in the Park

19 April 2017
City of Prospect residents and crafters are getting their woollen balls in a knot to add some colour and vibrancy to one of the city’s more contemplative parks near the North Road Cemetery, Nailsworth.

New cinema complex development starts to take shape

19 April 2017
Exciting times ahead for City of Prospect residents as the new art deco inspired $20 million mixed-use, art deco Palace Nova Cinema complex in the Village Heart on Prospect Road starts to take shape with fourth story construction almost complete.

Latest exhibition: Form and Re-Form

13 April 2017
Prospect Gallery’s latest exhibition, Form & Re-form, provokes thoughts about the personal subtext and associations we attribute to our own clothes. The show presents deconstructed conceptual clothing forms by artist Annabelle Collett, next to detailed, tailored garments by artist Jeff Trahair. The juxtaposition and overlapping conversations between these works highlight the tactile and evocative qualities of clothing.