Policies and Procedures

Policies are endorsed by a formal resolution of Council, and are designed to influence and determine major decisions and actions of local government business and services.

pdf Access to Development Application Plans Policy(60 kb)

pdf Accounting Policy and Procedures(171 kb)

pdf Art Collection Management Policy(361 kb)

pdf Asset Management Policy(80 kb)

pdf Budget Framework Policy(313 kb)

pdf Building Inspection Policy(95 kb)

pdf Caretaker Policy(133 kb)

pdf Children and Vulnerable Persons Safety Policy(79 kb)

pdf Code of Conduct for Council Members - Complaint Handling Procedure Under Part 2(135 kb)

pdf Code of Practice - Meeting Procedures - Meetings of Council and Council Standing Committees(240 kb)

pdf Code of Practice for Public Access to Meetings and Documents(482 kb)

pdf Community Engagement and Consultation Policy(875 kb)

pdf Community Hall Hire Policy(99 kb)

pdf Community Street Event Policy and Procedures(91 kb)

pdf Corporate Governance and Internal Control Framework(859 kb)

pdf Corporate Risk Management Policy(1413 kb)

pdf Council Member Conferences, Education and Development Policy(245 kb)

pdf Council Members Allowances and Benefits Policy(347 kb)

pdf Council Members Records Management Policy(256 kb)

pdf Credit Card Policy(291 kb)

pdf Development and Associated Public Realm (Urban Corridor) Enforcement Policy(297 kb)

pdf Development Assessment Panel Complaints Handling Policy(1710 kb)

pdf Elected Member Training and Development Policy(88 kb)

pdf Fees and Charges Register 2019-2020(2062 kb)

pdf Financial Hardship Policy(313 kb)

pdf Fixed Asset Financial Reporting Policy(284 kb)

pdf Flag Policy(213 kb)

pdf Footpath Trading/Business Use of a Road Policy(265 kb)

pdf Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy & Reporting(303 kb)

pdf Freedom of Information - Schedule of Fees and Charges - 2019 - 2020(113 kb)

pdf Informal Gatherings Policy(86 kb)

pdf Information Statement 2017-2018(383 kb)

pdf Internal Review of Council Decisions Policy(116 kb)

pdf Kerbside Waste Management Policy(54 kb)

pdf Knowledge and Information Management Policy(215 kb)

pdf Lease and Licence of Community Facilities Policy(59 kb)

pdf Liquor Licensing Policy(141 kb)

pdf Mobile Food Vendor Location Policy(130 kb)

pdf Narrow Streets Policy and Procedure(100 kb)

pdf Off Street Car Parking Development Fund Policy(44 kb)

pdf Open Space Reserve Fund Policy(105 kb)

pdf Order Making Policy(334 kb)

pdf Petition Policy(93 kb)

pdf Policy Manual(628 kb)

pdf Procurement Policy(266 kb)

pdf Protection of Information Policy(307 kb)

pdf Prudential Review Policy(198 kb)

pdf Sale or Disposal of Assets Policy(255 kb)

pdf Selection of Road Names Policy(417 kb)

pdf Small Memorials in Parks and Reserves Policy(151 kb)

pdf Social Media Policy(200 kb)

pdf Staff Gift and Benefit Register February 2014 - January 2017(108 kb)

pdf Staff Gift and Benefit Register February 2017 - January 2020(140 kb)

pdf Temporary Signage Policy(761 kb)

pdf Toy Cleaning Procedures(29 kb)

pdf Volunteer Management Policy(88 kb)

pdf Whistleblowers Protection Policy and Reporting Process(94 kb)


If you would like to view any Council Policies and Procedures as a hard copy, you can do so in person at the Principal Office. Please phone Customer Service first on (08) 8269 5355 to arrange a time.